Any topic.

You and me.

90 Minute Video Zoom Session (a link to the recording is included)

We’ll commit to a schedule that will get you where you want to go, and I’ll make sure you bust through your road blocks.

If you’d like more FOCUS.  We’ll narrow in on what’s not working. Figure out how to use your strengths. Plan and be held accountable. I’ll help you tie up any loose ends.

If you’d like more CLARITY. Down deep, you know the answers. Sometimes we only listen to ourselves when we are speaking to someone else or when when someone repeats what we’ve said. We can discuss problems, ideas, and decisions you need to make.

If you’d like more CALM. You’re able to express yourself in confidentiality and without judgement. Reflect on what frustrates, depresses, challenges, or scares the heck out of you..I’ve created a safe space. You can take a deep breathe, and get clear.

We’ll do some untangling of your concerns, analyse your situation, do some wild creating, and sketch out a plan of action for you.

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