I’ve been an animal lover since I was young, but cats have always held a special place in my heart. I somehow seem to “attract” them wherever I go.

One day, I was visiting my friend Debra in Southeast TX, when a Calico cat wandered up onto her porch. I put some food out for her, and asked if the she could sleep with me that night. I’d been fostering kittens for a rescue in Las Vegas for a few years, but right now, I wasn’t in my “own” home.

Debra didn’t pause to say, “Yes”. That night, as the cat lay next to me graciously purring, I suddenly felt her belly moving.

This fur baby was going to have babies!

The next morning, I told Debra about kitty’s belly rolling. Our 9 year old granddaughters were excited to foster her and quickly named her “Sugarplum”.

It was Spring Break, and they were coming to stay a week with us, 6 hours away. We made sure that Sugarplum had a safe haven while they were gone. When they returned home, Debra called to tell me that the kittens were born; two Siamese mix, one boy, one girl, a black and white boy, and an orange tabby girl.

Debra moved Sugarplum and her babies inside, until they were ready to be weaned, and made another 6 hour drive to bring them to me, to get them into a rescue.

We had recently moved across the U.S. and were renting a home from one of my best friend’s, Shelly. She too, opened her home to these homeless kitties until they could be adopted. The two boys, Raj and Perry, were adopted the first day, and I began working as an adoption counselor with the rescue.

A few months later, Sugarplum, now named Ruby, and her two babies, Bo and Lucy, found their forever homes.

Since then, many more rescue cats have left an impression on my heart, and found loving homes. I’m blessed and grateful to be surrounded by compassionate friends who didn’t hesitate to welcome the Calico stray and her kittens.


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If you’ve made it this far, here are a few photos of Mama Ruby and her babies while they were being fostered by us. Finding a good rescue to take them in and find them homes is what led me to working as an adoption counselor with a local rescue for the past 4 years.

Every home should have a pet, and every pet should have a home.

If you’re thinking about getting a pet, please consider saving a life from your local rescue. If your in the Boerne, Texas, Hill Country area please follow my foster and rescue Facebook page here. I created it for our rambunctious cats, Blaze, Iris and Arlie. Since cats have a way of finding their way to me, I’ve also created one especially for the kittens or cats that are currently in need of a good home, and for adoption Check out their furry faces here. at Paws and Purrs on Facebook

XO Janet

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